6. Internationales

6. und 7. März 2015, Berlin

Freitag 06.03.2015

09:00 Registration / Coffee

Whats wrong with stroke research?

Chair: U. Dirnagl, Berlin

Preclinical stroke research: lost or found in translation?
U. Dirnagl, Berlin
Reality or imagination – the relationship of stroke imaging to underlying (patho)physiology
A. Villringer, Leipzig
Clinical trials: rigour, or rigor mortis?
K. Lees, Glasgow, UK


Winner of the Competence Network Stroke Young Scientist Award

C. Choe, Hamburg

12:30 Lunch / Captain’s Lunch* / Exhibition

*Treffen der Jungen Neurologen der DSG mit ausgewählten Wissenschaftlern des Symposiums


Never ending breakthroughs

Chair: M. Endres, Berlin

Genetics of Cardiovascular Diseases
K. Stefánsson, Reykjavic, Iceland
Stem cells – will it ever become a stroke therapy?
S. I. Savitz, Houston, USA
Stroke biomarkers: are we ready for using them?
J. Montaner, Barcelona, Spain

15:30 Coffee / Exhibition

Brain-body interaction in stroke

Chair: A. Villringer, Leipzig

Wireless networks between the brain and the immune system
A. Planas, Barcelona, Spain
The role of the vagus in the risk for stroke: A neurovisceral integration perspective
J. F. Thayer, Columbus, USA
Stroke‎ causes cardiovascular disease
M. Hilz, Erlangen

18:30 Dinner and Evening Lecture

C. Büchel, Hamburg
Location: Hörsaalruine

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