4. Internationales Schlaganfallsymposium

Kompetenznetz Schlaganfall & Centrum für Schlaganfallforschung Berlin

Donnerstag / Thursday 31.03.2011

12-13:30 Interne Mitgliederversammlung des Kompetenznetzes Schlaganfall / Internal general meeting of the Competence Network Stroke
13:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome Organizers of the Competence Network Stroke and the Center of Stroke Research Berlin
14:10 Greetings from the German Stroke Society J. Röther, Hamburg

Acute stroke / Pathophysiology

Chair: J. Röther, Hamburg

Biphasic neurovascular responses during injury and repair after stroke E.H. Lo, Boston (USA) The role of spreading depolarization in brain ischemia J.P. Dreier, Berlin CA3 cell survival and the neuroprotective role of Hamartin A.M. Buchan, Oxford (UK)

15:50 Coffee / Exhibition
16:20 Winner of the Competence Network Stroke Young Scientist Award


Chair: J. Fiebach, Berlin

Role of imaging in the development of new stroke therapies S. Warach, Bethesda (USA) Advanced imaging methods for characterizing stroke A.G. Sorensen, Boston (USA) Challenging the mismatch concept: imaging of perfusion and early infarction J. Sobesky, Berlin Concept of stroke specific ambulance with imaging H. Audebert, Berlin

18:40 Get-Together
  Die gesamte Veranstaltung wurde von der Ärztekammer Berlin mit 21 CME-Punkten zertifiziert

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