5. Internationales Schlaganfallsymposium

Kompetenznetz Schlaganfall & Centrum für Schlaganfallforschung Berlin

Freitag / Friday 01.03.2013

09:00 Registration / Coffee

New Approaches for Stroke Prevention

Chair: A. Villringer, Leipzig

Diagnosis and new approaches for the treatment of resistent hypertension U. Laufs, Homburg The Role of the brain for the development of vascular risk factors A. Villringer, Leipzig Emotion, stress and the brain in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events H. Critchley, Sussex Stroke, stress and depression M. Endres, Berlin


Winner of the Competence Network Stroke Young Scientist Award

P. Mergenthaler, Berlin

12:30 Lunch / Exhibition

Protect Brain – Prevent Complications – Restore Function

Chair: U. Dirnagl, Berlin
M. Endres, Berlin

Hypothermia and Inflammation: Reducing Damage After Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke J. Grotta, Houston (USA) How to prevent your patients from dying after a stroke T. Rudd, London (UK) The machine supports the motor rehabilitation after stroke S. Hesse, Berlin Motivation to Train G. Liuzzi, Zürich (Schweiz)

15:30 Coffee / Exhibition
16:00 Die Coachinghelden (Improvisation)


Chair: J. Fiebach, Berlin

Resting-state fMRI and stroke S. Ovadia-Caro, Berlin


Acute Stroke Imaging:
Clinically useful, nice to have or just basic science?

A sceptical opinion R. von Kummer, Dresden An optimistic view G. Thomalla, Hamburg

18:30 Dinner and Evening Lecture J. Smallwood, Leipzig
Location: Hörsaalruine

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